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Quick tips to avoid the towing scams in Ottawa
Today I want to address a growing concern in the greater Ottawa region. Over and over I see people in a position of distress being taken advantage of, due to a lack of legislation in Ottawa when it comes to tow trucks. Customers are having their vehicles towed to places they don’t know by drivers that don’t leave any contact information or business cards, all in the name of making exuberant amounts of money for phantom charges. Often times when it comes to collisions, the two truck drivers count on the fact that your insurance will be covering the bill so they feel they have a blank cheque to...
Insurance collision repairs
Be in control when you've had an accident.
The new trend when it comes to the collision industry is that Insurance companies are now trying to direct their customers to their "Direct Repair Shops". What this means, is shops are giving discounts to the respective insurance companies so they send them work. These large insurance companies have been found to be quite aggressive with their techniques of persuasion. Here are a few things you should always remember when calling in an insurance claim. YOU, have the right, by law, to bring your vehicle to any repair shop you desire. The insurance may tell you the repairs aren’t warrantied;...

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