collision repair

Insurance collision repairs
Be in control when you've had an accident.
The new trend when it comes to the collision industry is that Insurance companies are now trying to direct their customers to their "Direct Repair Shops". What this means, is shops are giving discounts to the respective insurance companies so they send them work. These large insurance companies have been found to be quite aggressive with their techniques of persuasion. Here are a few things you should always remember when calling in an insurance claim. YOU, have the right, by law, to bring your vehicle to any repair shop you desire. The insurance may tell you the repairs aren’t warrantied;...


Fleet Services
Highland Auto Body services small business fleets of all kinds.
Highland Autobody Repairs offers special services and discounts to small fleets of all kinds. We provide full auto body repair solutions for your small business needs. Book your appointment today! Request a quote
Tinting Services
Add style, protection, and privacy to your vehicle!
Highland Auto Body provides car tinting services. Tinting benefits: Protects your interior from fading Reduces glare from the sun while driving Keeps your car up to 50% cooler Prevents glass from shattering when broken Lowers your gas costs by reducing AC usage Book your appointment today! Request a quote
Auto Body Repair
Let us get rid of those dents, paint chips and scrapes.
Highland Auto Body offers paintwork repairs to scratches, scuffs and dents to vehicle damage as well as damage caused by collisions and major accidents. Our Auto body technicians use special tools and equipment to repair body parts and refinish interiors, exteriors and spoiled metal frames of vehicles. They handle dents, scratches and more extensive damage caused by everyday use and accidents. Before doing a comprehensive repair, our technicians take the specific brand of car into consideration. If dents are quite small, they may use pick hammers and other hand tools. More severe damage may...
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Did you know? You have the right to have your vehicle repaired at the body shop of your choice; NOT your insurance company's choice, or the person who hit you in a third party situation. Remember, it is YOUR vehicle in question. What to look for in a body shop: 1. Appearance of the building, office, shop, and the person helping you. Chances are, "what you see is what you get". 2. Reputation . Ask your friends, co-workers, and relatives. 3. How long has the same senior management and ownership been in place? Is the business owner operated?
Highland Auto Body is a proud member of the Collision Solutions Network
Collision Solutions Network (CSN) is a national network of collision repair facilities, which strive to deliver superior collision repair service while continuing to reflect the same core values of confidence, trust and integrity. CSN Members have been hand picked as a result of their individual and superior quality standards. It is the promise you receive from your CSN Member that gives you the peace-of-mind that is required to have your vehicle repaired hassle free and to travel with ease. You can rest assured that a CSN collision repair facility does what they say they are going to do. It...

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